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Being a VR content creator, every day will find you working on new imaginative concepts to captivate your audience with. A different angle or new audio effects maybe, or another filming height or type of terrain. Whatever you come up with, you are bound to be faced with new challenges. Challenging situations that demand your very best in creating VR content for demanding end-users. So, why not demand the very best of VR technology?

Meet the VROX VR Robot System. A system designed using advanced VR knowledge and extensive VR experience in the field. The VR Robot responds intuitively to the challenges presented to you and enables you to produce high-quality VR content for an optimal user experience. Are you ready to take a revolutionary step in VR content creation? Contact us and demand our very best. We would love to work together with you on your VR project.


It’s all about experience. We humans are sentient beings. We need to see, hear, feel, smell, taste, touch. In this way we experience reality. What is reality? What is real and what is not? Everything that is experienced is real. It’s all about accepting the experience fully. Once we are capable of this, our experience becomes reality. Our own reality.

At VROXtechnology, we believe you can create every experience you wish. It starts with yourself and with your desires. When these are combined with the latest in technology and innovation a simulated reality is created, called Virtual Reality. Virtual reality can help you to create your own reality for the people visiting your website. These visitors – your prospective clients and customers – experience this reality as if it were their own.

And there’s more. VROXTechnology is constantly researching new concepts and develops these into purposeful, distinctive, stable virtual reality applications (VR applications), with which you can let your website visitors experience beforehand what it will be like if they buy your products or hire your services. Your virtual reality will become their experience. It’s all about experience. Experience is everything.


It is our belief that technology in itself has no real value. Instead, its value lies in the specific purpose it is intended to serve. In the world of Virtual Reality, the purpose of technology is to facilitate the production of high-quality virtual reality material from which professional VR producers create the most vivid user experiences possible. In this, even the most minute detail is of vital importance. Details inspire us in the development and continuous innovation of VR technology. Our technology and its end products have been designed with the sole purpose of enhancing every single detail and fusing all the details into the ultimate of sensory experiences. Your purpose defines our technology. Our technology defines your reality.

VROX – define your reality



Our augmented and virtual reality techniques, knowledge and experience are at the service of the experience you wish to create. Optimal lighting in video recordings, realistic colours in photographs, appealing web design, reliable hosting, and quick-loading, easily accessible websites are but a few of the important factors that make up the development of your VR application. We finish everything in detail and optimize the experience you wish to treat your users – your prospective clients and customers – to. The results are overwhelming. Users approaching your virtual reality application will lose themselves in the experience you wish to bring about. The sale has been made.


In the same way virtual reality application users look into the future, we focus on new developments. Although these might not be ready for use today, they may well provide the purpose driven solutions for tomorrow. This is why we research the opportunities that these developments have to offer. Our clients’ experiences and the users’ experiences are key in this. They help us in creating virtual reality applications that are even larger, faster and more cost-effective, and fully adapted to our clients’ requirements.


We always have an appetite for innovative technology knowledge. We apply this knowledge in our projects that are in progress. This provides us with experience that we can integrate with new projects.


Every project has its challenges. And we love a good challenge. Challenges give us space to grow, and to innovate on and optimize virtual reality applications.


The VROX VR Robot System has a large number of state of the art virtual reality features. You may view these features in the oversight below. For a full description of the robot system and its components, please go to the TECHNOLOGY page on this website.





Whatever the terrain, weather conditions, lighting or location, the VROX RIG360VR will always give optimal performance and deliver the high-class image quality results that you need for creating virtual reality content. Images can be shot Full-Frame for 34K VR content or 4K or 1080 HD, and as 360 still frames in RAW or JPG, or as films in 4K or HD. It all depends on what you want to create.

And this is just the beginning. The ISO and shutter speed can be set independent of each other or to Manual or Auto, using a wireless remote controller and a 4G network – no WiFi needed. On the subject of wireless, you can ‘live view’ images from any camera you choose on your tablet or Windows desktop. The VROX RIG360VR gives you full control for filming and photographing with the lighting and camera settings of your choice.


The tripod can be adjusted in height in filmic motion by remote control, and has a maximum carrying capacity of 250 kg. The turning mechanism on top of the tripod allows full rotation of the VROX Camera Rig. Because of the stabilizing system, the tripod will always remain in a vertical position, regardless of where the robot carriage is positioned. This means the robot can be positioned at an angle of 25 degrees, and still the tripod will remain vertical, allowing the VROX VR360RIG horizontal cameras to shoot film and photos while remaining perfectly level. The tripod will also remain vertical when the robot is positioned at a maximum angle of 15 degrees. This stand-alone tripod system can be deployed by remote control as long as the VROX VR Robot System is placed on a level surface.


The VROX RIG360VR packs 40 RGBW high power LEDs, each with a 90+ CRI, delivering a combined output of 60 watts in total. The built-in DMX controller enables you to adjust the high-quality LEDs’ colour temperature per sets of 4, independent of the other sets, using an app on your tablet. The DMX can also be used to control extra lighting positioned in the vicinity of the VROX VR Robot.

The LEDs are positioned to create an even diffusion of light in the area around the VROX VR Robot. Via the built-in microphones connected to the LEDS, you can have the LEDs change colour with the rhythm.


The VROX RIG360VR has 4 balanced XLR microphones for a realistic 360º audio sensation. Just like the cameras, the integrated audio recorder is remote controlled via a 4G network.


Soft Start

The VROX VR ROBOT Dolly’s soft start motors make for a smooth start. The robot’s movement will build up gradually, allowing the cameras to shoot in filmic motion


The robot dolly is fitted out with 4 shock absorbers that have pneumatic suspension and hydraulic absorption, enabling the regulation of air pressure, rebound, compression and suspension lockout.


The reliable and powerful S1 motors generate sufficient power to let the robot move smoothly and the self-braking transmissions are designed to let the robot brake gradually, enabling the cameras to shoot in a filmic manner


The dolly’s chassis are made from 316 stainless steel and have a carrying capacity of 12.


The dolly is fitted with long-lasting 12” ball bearing wheels for a maximum lifespan.

Magnetic Sensor

The dolly’s magnetic sensor enables the robot to follow a sequence without the robot being steered with a remote joystick, PC or tablet.

Robot Connection

WiFi is not required to connect the robot with the remote controls. Instead, several 4G networks are used to create a 256 bit encrypted VPN tunnel for a secure and stable connection.


The built-in GPS enables easy and fast monitoring of the robot’s location. In addition, it can provide WiFi for an entire film crew of 120 people, using dual band WiFi that can be set simultaneously at 2.5 GHz and at 5 GHz.

Tomorrow’s Technology Today

    • Colour-fast 90+ CRI LEDs
    • Maximum camera rig height of 200 cm
    • Maximum speed of 15 km per hour
    • Made in the Netherlands

Want to know more about VROX VR Robot System Technology?

We are always looking forward to creating tailor-made solutions as well as working together with partners in the field of VR content creation. So, feel free to contact us by filling in the contact form.

The VROXVR 360º Dolly has the following features:

  • Packs enough energy to power the VROX VR Robot System for 8 hours
  • Can be used to monitor other VR camera rigs using customized adapters
  • Tripod is easily dismantled
  • Can be used as a power station to provide an entire camera crew with power and WiFi

The VROX VR 360º Camera Rig has the following features:

  • Fully remote controlled
  • 24 LEDs remote controlled using a DMX controller and a tablet or Windows desktop
  • Remote controlled integrated VR microphone and audio recorder
  • Remote controlled integrated cameras

The stand-alone VROX VR 360º tripod has the following features:

  • Enables the camera rig to continue filming upright, regardless of the surface on which the robot system is positioned
  • Can be used without the dolly
  • Can be used to monitor other 360º camera rigs and cameras, via customized adapters


There is never a dull moment, as we are continually innovating our VR technology and our products for you. Below you may find some articles on our latest improvements and innovations. Would you like regular updates? Fill in the contact form.

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The tripod will remain in a vertical position, regardless of the type of terrain in which the robot system is deployed. This makes it possible [...]


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